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Juni 13, 2009

One Million Yen And The Nigamushi Woman

Also known as: One Million Yen Girl / Hyakuman-en to Nigamushi Onna
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English (Soft-subbed)
Genre: Drama

21 years old Suzuko gets into trouble with co-workers from her part time job and ends up in jail. Coming out of the jail, living with her parents no longer seems like an option. She takes on various jobs: cleaning office, delivering newspapers, and saves up a million yen to embark on a journey.

She finds herself in a seaside resort and starts working as a temporary staff at a guest house. A local boy falls for her, but she has promised herself to leave for another town once she saves up a million yen. She quickly does and packs her small suitcase with her favorite handmade curtain and skips town. Her next destination is a peach plantation deep in the mountains. She finds a job at a farm run by a single middle-aged man and his mother. The villagers ask Suzuko to become a peach girl as a part of campaign for the village, but she confesses that she has a criminal record. The villagers turn against her and she decides to leave town quietly.
Then she arrives in a small city not too far from Tokyo and lands a job at a gardening shop. Nakajima, her coworker and a college student, is gentle and sweet. They fall in love. But when Nakajima hears of Suzukos rule to skip town once she saves up a million yen, a chasm begins to grow deeper.

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